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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Ryan27/Male/United States Groups :icondragon-koopa-pride: Dragon-Koopa-Pride
Koopas, Dragons, and hybrids
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Check it out you wont be disappointed, I have many interests all of them are represented inside


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Ryan, I have always loved to draw and I have drawn many things.

I'm also autistic and have Asperger's syndrome

I am here to showcase my artwork and to make friends.

I think all art is special and unique, one must look hard to see the true beauty in certain things.
As for originality there really is none. If you look around,
just about everything
that could ever be came up with has been taken.
I also please ask that you :iconletter-dplz::iconletter-oplz:
:iconletter-mplz::iconletter-eplz::iconrainbow-exclamation: I like the Koopalings, all 8 of them! :D :iconsmb-bowser-junior:
:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa: :iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:

REQUESTS: FRIENDS ONLY Curently closed as of now, I may make exceptions though.
:iconsmb-baby-bowser: :iconkoopakingplz: :iconsmb-bowser-junior:
:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa: :iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:

True Friends:
:iconandebyful: He really likes to draw
:iconkingdragon01: My buddy who loves Bearded dragons
:iconphillipzu: My Awesome Danish Dragon buddy

Best friends:
:icontheweirdough: My Strange but awesome Demon buddy
:iconcaptain86: A Fantastic artist
:iconlw97: My German Buddy
:iconatlasfield: My Mexican Buddy, He likes Bambi
:iconkilkakon-totodile: My Naturist Totodile friend
:iconzekromlullaby: He's a cool artist
:iconpokecrz: My Brazillian Buddy
:icondowngoesthelever: My Strange but awesome buddy
:iconzeromaru-the-hunter: My Treasure hunting Glaceon buddy

:iconnishi: My Hamster buddy
:iconbogm0nst3r: My buddy who likes butts
:iconhombreloborex: My buddy who like Hot Stuff The Little Devil
:iconbluedragon138: She likes Dragons and she is a great artist
:iconleemonz: She's a great artist and has lots of characters
:iconcayshax: She loves Bowser and she has lots of characters
:iconaxlreigns: A really cool dude, he draws awesome art
:iconbluemario1016: A really cool dude
:icondracocharizard87: A true Defender of Bowser and others
:iconmegascops: An artist with a unique style
:iconcobaitmaster: Another unique artist
:icondededeman7: A lover of Kirby, he has lots of awesome comics
:icondenny-the-punk: She is unique, and is one of the only lovers of the forgotten Alien Tatanga
:iconediemammon: She draws very humorous drawings involving Iggy and the other Koopalings
:icongaymetal: He's a cool dude, he draws lots of cool characters
:iconpuglov90: She loves Hip and Hop Koopa from the Super Mario Show
:iconribera: He is one of the biggest fans of Stitch
:iconrabidleroy: A lover of Leroy from Leroy and Stitch
:iconrealitybender-kera: One of my buddies, he likes lots of things
:iconqueenspazdracka: She is pretty cool, she has an awesome style
:iconcmsimeon589: She is a fantastic artist she draws very cute baby versions of Mario characters
:iconnintendrawer: The legend herself
:iconanthrokane: A cool Guy who has some cool Ocs
:iconcrossoverdude: She's a pretty epic artist
:iconredturtledragon24: A cool guy, he draws lots of unique Dragon characters, he created Bowtail, the Son of Bowser and Hooktail.
:iconepoxxic: She has a cool way of drawing koopas, the large snouts make them cute.
:iconspectacularspiders: She's a pretty cool person
:iconshtinkels: This person shtinks, :XD: Just kidding, actually really cool.
:iconscarpine496: One of my most loyal of friends
:iconwackko200: A fantastic Koopa artist

DA Bros:
:iconiimedad: Koopa Brother
:iconpizza-and-fandoms: He has been a fan of many things including Shadow Mario
:iconwaver92: My Awesome Gamer Bro
:iconkodiakhirakoshinji: My Little Brother
:iconjust-call-me-j: My Other Gamer Bro
:iconshiftyguy1994: My Loyal Bro
:iconrockytoonz93: My Cartoonist Bro
:iconshiftystanley: My Austrialian Bro
:iconthe-kiwi-gremlin: My South African Brother
:iconpeanutbutterdrawer: He was my Sister at first, but now I call my brother
:iconcomicandblue-firuko: My Firuko Bro, he is the one who created the Firukos, Sharkwolves, and Albrokspiders.
:iconnolanwigz: My awesome Korean Koopa Bro, supporter of LGBT rights
:iconthe-purple-smeargle: Smeargle Brother

DA sisters:
:iconalburning90: The other legend, she is the creator of the Misdeeds
:iconchickadde1: My Main Sister
:iconcoooool123: My cool Sister
:icondragonwolf1775: My Awesome and Badass Sister
:iconprincessromy96: My Loyal Sister
Nephews: :iconpoisndartdragoon: My Koopa nephew

:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa: :iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:


As a reference artist, one must find the needed references to make drawings successfully and worthwhile. Once you are comfortable with the drawing you can finetune it or add to it.
I've outgrown cartoons, with the exception of classic ones that I watched as a kid. I'm more of a gamer and artist anyway.
Going over to spend the night at my friend's. I'll have internet and I plan on drawing. :)
How is everybody doing today? :)

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Thanks for the fave!~<3:iconfoxawwplz:
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So, are you doing anything interesting right now?
kingdragon01 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hello :wave:

How are you today?

I'm good!

I've been kinda busy today!
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I'm surprised you didn't answer my latest note.
The-Kiwi-Gremlin Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Hey buddy, in my Pacific Pests 2 comic, several of your Koopalings have gone missing after a nasty fart forming hurricane slammed into the Pacific Region during the night. Do you suppose this is where Reggie can save the day? 
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