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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Ryan26/Male/United States Groups :icondragon-koopa-pride: Dragon-Koopa-Pride
Koopas, Dragons, and hybrids
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Ryan, I have always loved to draw and I have drawn many things.

Imp of Destiny: Prince Vyel by Vyel
I'm also autistic and have asperger's syndrome,
Autism Stamp by callykarishokka
please don't make fun of me, i'm very sensitive about that.
Now, my goal is clear, to be like the veteran artists like Nintendrawer, my goal is to be as good. MAKE ME ANGRY, AND I'LL BLOCK YOU !
Unlike other people
I think all art is special and unique,
and as for originality there is none, look around,
just about everything
that could ever be came up with has been taken.
I also please ask that you :iconletter-dplz::iconletter-oplz:
:iconletter-mplz::iconletter-eplz::iconrainbow-exclamation: I like the Koopalings, all 8 of them! :D :iconsmb-bowser-junior:
:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa: :iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:
Favorite Characters:
Commander Sazabi,
Kaiser Vlad,
Fire Lord Ozai,
Judge Doom,
Toon Patrol,
Dark Matter,
Master Asia,
Jessie and James,
Saturos and Menardi,
Karst and Agatio,
Lord Gromgard,
Colonel Autumn,
Joshua Graham,
Father Elijah,
Fable 2: Commandant.

:iconsmb-baby-bowser: :iconkoopakingplz: :iconsmb-bowser-junior:
:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa: :iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:

True Friends: :iconandebyful: :iconshiftyguy1994::iconluke-the-spook::iconshiftywallabee: :iconkingdragon01::iconphillipzu:
best friends :iconcaptain86: :iconlw97: :iconatlasfield: :iconthenaturistartist: :iconkilkakon-totodile: :iconzekromlullaby:
True DA Bros: :iconwaver92: :iconkodiakhirakoshinji: :iconjust-call-me-j:
:iconshiftyguy1994: :iconrockytoonz93: :iconshiftywallabee: These are my true bros,
they have been there for me
when I have been feeling down.
DA Bros. :icontheamazingkorean: :iconhotcheerios: :iconjunosuke:
DA sisters: :iconkoopalings874: :iconjolly-oil::iconfoxxxtehkoopa::iconchickadde1::iconcoooool123::iconpeanutbutterdrawer::icondragonwolf1775:

:iconsmb-baby-bowser: :iconkoopakingplz: :iconsmb-bowser-junior:
:iconsmb--larry-koopa::iconsmb--morton-koopa: :iconsmb--wendy-o-koopa: :iconnsmbw--iggy-koopa::iconsmb--lemmy-koopa: :iconsmb--roy-koopa: :iconsmb-ludwig-von-koopa:
Carrie White Fan Button by Vyel
Dremora Fan Button by Vyel
Metro Ranger Fan Button by Vyel
Dark One Child Fan Button by Vyel
Turok Evolution Chasm Army Fan Button by Vyel
Mischievous Fan Button by Vyel
Hot Stuff Fan Button by Vyel
Onionhead Fan Button by Vyel
Dr. Wily Fan Button by Vyel
Heat Man Fan Button by Vyel
Boris Koopa  fan by VyelKyle Koopa  fan by Vyel
Scott Koopa Fan Button by Vyel
Koopa Kid Fan Button by Vyel
Toon Patrol Fan Button by Vyel
Fella Fan Button by Vyel
Grodus Fan Button by Vyel
Kammy Koopa Fan Button by Vyel
Grubba Blubba Fan Button by Vyel
Tail Trio Fan by Vyel
Vile Fan by Vyel
Enker Fan by Vyel
Helghast Fan by Vyel
Stripe Fan by Vyel
Master Asia Fan by Vyel
Saturos and Menardi Fan by Vyel
Mythic Dawn Fan by Vyel
Crimson Dragoon Fan by Vyel
Legate Lanius Fan by Vyel
Foot Elite Fan by Vyel
X.A.N.A. Fan by Vyel
Katz Fan by Vyel
Nova Fan by Vyel
Dark Matter Fan by Vyel
Masked Dedede Fan by Vyel
Lookalikes Fan: Prince Bowser and Bowser Jr. by Vyel
Midbus Fan by Vyel
Shadow Mario Fan by Vyel
Princess Shroob Fan by Vyel
Shroobs Fan by Vyel
Leroy Fan by Vyel
627 Fan by Vyel
Dark Bowser  fan by Vyel
Dark Star Fan by Vyel
Team Rocket Fan by Vyel
General Guy  fan by Vyel
Koopa Bros.  fan by Vyel
Cipher Fan by Vyel
Wilfre fan by Vyel
Doppelganger fan by Vyel
Lord Crump  fan by Vyel
Mindy fan by Vyel
Devil Scott fan by Vyel
Jack Koopowski fan by Vyel
Kilroyman Morton fan by Vyel
Tyrone Koopa  fan by Vyel
Dark Axis Trio Fan by Vyel
Crimson Lance Fan by Vyel
Fire Nation Fan by Vyel
Stitch Fan by Vyel
Authority Fan by Vyel
Commandant Fan by Vyel
Vault Boy Fan by Vyel
Paarthurnax Fan by Vyel
Alduin Fan by Vyel
Hyenas Fan by Vyel
Vile Demon Fan by Vyel
Shredder Fan by Vyel
Kamek Fan by Vyel
Pom-Pom Fan by Vyel
Boom-Boom Fan by Vyel
Ice Bros. Fan by Vyel
Fire Bros. Fan by Vyel
Boomerang Bros. Fan by Vyel
Sledge Bros. Fan by Vyel
Mouser Fan by Vyel

<Koda Button by VyelYes Man Button by VyelTony Montana Button by VyelFather Elijah Button by VyelDeathclaw Button by VyelBrotherhood of Steel Button by VyelEnclave Button by Vyel RDA Button by VyelAndrew Ryan Button by Vyel

Now have some stamps
Ulysses Stamp by Deathbymodding
Arcade Gannon Stamp by Parchife
Vulpes Inculta Stamp by dr-glitzkrieg
Dogmeat Stamp 01 by Laquoi
New Vegas Independence by ZhouTaisDayOff
Alduin Stamp by AuriV1
Argonians and Khajiits Stamp by Demonic-Pokeyfruit
Ganondorf stamp 1 by ShadeNinja
Bowser Love Stamp by kcjedi89

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